About Dr. Corwin


Dr. Corwin received her BA in 1975 from Goddard College. She graduated from Western States Chiropractic College ( now University of Western States) in 1981 with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Aside from annual continuing education, she has completed a 3 year Diplomat Program in Chiropractic Orthopedics, as well as an additional 3 year Diplomat in Exercise and Rehabilitation.


Dr. Corwin appreciates being a partner with you in your overall health. She brings the chiropractic expertise, knowledge and encouragement: you bring the follow through. Together, you can build a life that is more pain free, with greater function and more energy. She listens closely, and helps tailor a plan that meets your needs and fits with your abilities.


The chiropractic adjustment is the ‘backbone’ of any chiropractic practice. Through the adjustment, we can regulate the nervous system, increase circulation and normalize range of motion, all of which lead to our goal of improved function.

Dr. Corwin is well versed in several different chiropractic techniques, as there is no 'one size fits all' approach. She practices Diversified, which includes the typical high velocity thrust, as well as a few non-force or low-force methods. All of these modes are effective, but some patients respond better to a particular approach, or just prefer it.

In addition to the adjustments, Dr. Corwin uses a variety of modalities to increase circulation, speed healing and reduce inflammation. These include the use of ultrasound, high voltage galvanism, heat, Graston technique, and Low Level Light Therapy, also known as Cold Laser.

She is also knowledgeable in therapeutic exercises, tailoring an exercise program to your specific needs. She works to create specific exercises that will give you the most benefit, while taking the least amount of time. Usually, it is easier to keep up with the exercise program if it is not too lengthy. As each exercise becomes easier to perform, she increases the difficulty, so the benefit continues to increase.

She is a certified provider for orthotics made by Sole Supports.

When orthotics are necessary to provide a supported structure, they can make a world of difference. When one’s base is supported, that support goes up the kinetic chain from foot to ankle to knee to hip to pelvis to spine, providing stabilization.

Dr. Corwin has been an Injury Prevention Consultant for Backsafe, http://www.backsafe.com/ since 1997. In this capacity, she has taught injury prevention at Neil Kelly, Multnomah County Animal Control, and other industries, in addition to doing numerous personal worksite evaluations. She can help you to configure your work environment to meet your needs.

Dr. Corwin is also a contracted provider of Independent Medical Evaluations. Her goal is to provide the most in depth, fair assessment of cases that are sent to her for an outside opinion. Sometimes someone looking at a situation with a new eye can see a particular problem or solution from a new perspective.